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Sintra Forte (1-way)


Based on our standard Sintra, the Sintra Forte is about 20% larger in all dimensions and includes a beast of a vault controlled by an electronic lock. The vault is constructed from 6mm hardened steel and contains the note validator, note dispenser and computer board.

A regal beauty on both the outside and in, the Sintra Forte incorporates everything we’ve gleaned from five years of machines in the field to meet the needs of professional operators. Its robust, low-maintenance components and our zero fees set it apart from other Bitcoin ATMs and save you the difference time over time.

Tejo (1- Way)


Tejo, named after the Iberian river that flows north of Portugal's Alentejo region and through Lisbon into the Atlantic, is our latest Bitcoin ATM model.

Influenced by the simplicity and elegance of our compact Gaia model, the Tejo is a native two-way machine engineered for the manufacturing capacity and on-demand fulfillment needs of the next generation Bitcoin ATM operators.